Cooking Games Volume 1

cooking themed mobile games

Cooking Themed Mobile Games

If you like to cook and you live video games (well not at the same time!) check out these awesome cooking themed mobile games.

Diner Dash

You play as Flo, a feisty young lady who dreams of working her way up and owning the best restaurant in town. You have to run around your restaurant taking orders and fulfilling them all the while making sure your customers are happy. There is actually quite a lot of strategy to this game as well as a lot of fun.
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Stand O Food 3

This lets you run your own hamburger joint! This is a lot of fun and requires lightning like quick reflexes. Customers will order some of your amazing hamburgers and it is then up to you to pick the right ingredients for their burger and then serve it to them. This starts off nice and slow, but after a few turns the tension really kicks up a few notches!

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Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar is a lot of fun and as you would expect from the name it has your preparing sushi dishes. You need to read the recipe book and make sure you use the right ingredients for each order. What makes this game extra interesting though is that you have to keep an eye on your stock and order in new ingredients when you run low. There is nothing worse than angry sushi customers so keep them happy!

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Cooking Mama

This is a long running series of games and now you can play it on consoles. What is really fun about Cooking Mama is that you do not only have to pick the right ingredients. You have to actually make the food. You need to slice, mix and cut all different kinds of food. As an added bonus this is an extra cute and relaxing game that is perfect for short bursts of gaming.

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